This section describes best practices associated with setting up and managing channels.  Channels are the connections that are used by the Surveda tool to reach out directly to individuals’ mobile phones via a mobile network operator (MNO), an aggregator, or another type of connection. Channels must be carefully managed, particularly if they are direct connections with MNOs.


Do Have Technical Partners Assist with MNO Connection Setup

Connections with MNOs require investment and technical expertise. In order for a channel from an MNO partner to appear in the Surveda tool, connections with the operator need to be made. The skill set for this task requires experience and technical expertise to create, test and deploy surveys correctly.  Technical assistance partners are important to assist with setup.   

Do Manage Permissions Carefully for Channels.

It is important to carefully manage permissions for channels and set clear expectations with staff on their ability to modify them.  When you have access to a channel you can deploy as many surveys as you like. Thus, it is critical to effectively manage channel permissions to prevent the misuse of these tools, which can have serious consequences on implementers’ ability to continue to use them. 

Do Be Aware of Costs and Contractual Agreements.

There are associated costs for deploying surveys and certain rules that may apply when using a channel.  It is important to confirm that the costs are well understood, the rules related to the channel are adhered to, and all charges are paid on time.  It is important to maintain the terms of the content and technical agreements associated with high volume channels negotiated with MNOs.

Do Contact Support for Any Issues with Channels.

Issues with channels can occur from time to time - as either technology on the channel or software provider evolves over time.  These configuration issues are rare and can be resolved quickly with technical support from partners (e.g.,