Account Access

To use the Surveda tool, you must first create an account.  Access to projects and surveys in Ask is granted based your identity. For example, when Person A creates a survey Person B will not have access to that survey unless collaborators invite that person and explicitly grant access.

Logging In

You have ownership of your data and can control the level of access that others have to it. However, the Ask tool needs to know the identity of everyone using it. You must provide a valid username and password combination to access the system. A username is any valid email address, and your password must have at least 6 characters. You will get access to projects and surveys in the system only after you log in.

Invite Collaborators

You can invite another person as a collaborator. Collaborators can be helpful when multiple people are working on a project. For example, a manager may want to grant access to a staff translator to upload question translations, or a statistician to export data and then analyze results. The level of access depends on the collaborator type.  Table 1 describes the two collaborator types.

Table 1. Collaborator types

Collaborator Type


AdminAdmins are granted the access to all export file types as well as the ability to assign other Admins to the project.


Viewers are granted read-only access to surveys, questionnaires, and other project resources. Viewers can also download survey data.


Editors have access to all Viewer functions, but can also design questionnaires, set the schedule, start a survey, and make other changes to the survey design.

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