To develop a high-quality survey that is tailored to the country, follow these four steps:

  • Step #1: Develop an offline Core Questionnaire in the survey’s primary language.
  • Step #2: Translate the Core Questionnaire into other languages.
  • Step #3: For voice surveys, create audio recordings in all languages.
  • Step #4: Load the content (SMS text, Voice audio files) in the online tool.

Steps for Preparing and Finalizing Audio Files

  • Identify recording partner to complete audio recordings. Typically, media production firms with experience in audio recording or advertising are good fits
  • Set up agreement with audio recording partner
  • Finalize IVR script and send to recording partner
  • Provide audio file naming convention, file delivery format, and delivery location to partner
  • Follow-up with recording partner about any script issues identified during their review
  • OPTIONAL: Ask partner to provide you with short audio samples of several different voices. Then you can select voice that is highest quality and matches survey best
  • Partner records audio
  • Partner provides audio files – oftentimes using a cloud service (e.g., Dropbox)
  • Review the audio files with a translator to ensure that script and the audio recordings match, while also checking that the partner used the correct ID structure
  • Note any discrepancies between the script and the audio recordings. Provide this information to the partner, including the ID number and the issue with the recording
  • Agree on a process and budget for making subsequent revisions to the audio files