To develop a high-quality survey that is tailored to the country, follow these four steps:

  • Step #1: Develop an offline Core Questionnaire in the survey’s primary language.
  • Step #2: Translate the Core Questionnaire into other languages.
  • Step #3: For voice surveys, create audio recordings in all languages.
  • Step #4: Load the content (SMS text, Voice audio files) in the online tool.

This checklist is for Step #4: Loading the content in the tool.

Fill in the following information for the primary language first then the subsequent languages. For each question, enter the following information from the Master Questionnaire Spreadsheet:

  • Question type: multiple choice, numeric, explanation, flag
  • SMS Message text
  • Voice message text: enter text-to-speech or upload audio recording
  • For numeric questions: enter valid ranges, including delimiters for questions with identified skip logic
  • For multiple choice questions: enter “Response”, “SMS”, and “IVR” values
    • Remember that the “Response” value is what will appear in the data file
  • Skip logic
  • Variable name
  • Enter “error” messages – this is a required field
  • Enter the “quota filled” message – this is a required field. If you are not using quotas, then just enter a blank space.
  • Set disposition flags in the survey, if applicable
  • All required fields should be complete. The tool will highlight any incomplete fields in orange