Ona connector


Login with your surveda account into <prefix>ona-connector<sufix>.

Approve the permissions to Surveda ONA Connector

Once your approve it you will See a list of your surveda projects 

By clicking "Show"you will be able to see the list of surveys in each project

Ona information

Ona information must be filled in Settings.

  • The ONA project ID can be found in the url of the project page in ONA. It has this simple structure https://ona.io/<ONA user name>/<ONA project ID>

  • The ONA API Token can be found inside your setting page in ONA (clicking on the avatar in the top right corner you will find the settings page).   The url is https://ona.io/<ONA user name>/settings#/s/api

Tracking data

Once you click on show for any surveda project you will see the list of surveys.

You must click "Track"to start tracking the data from a specific survey, once the survey is completed it will be shown as "Track completed"

By clicking Track, it will create a form in ONA with the same fields of the surverda's questionnaire and will start collecting the data in there.