This guide will walk through how to load and manage SMS and phone call content (text and audio files) in multiple languages.


For SMS surveys, content is the text for the question and response options. For phone call surveys, you define content by entering text or uploading an audio file or recording content directly in the web page. For both SMS and phone call questionnaires, you need to have content in all survey languages.


  1. To add SMS content, navigate to the questionnaire and add the text.
  2. For each step, add the SMS message you wish to send.  The character limit per message is by default 140 characters - including spaces.
  3. Be careful to watch for Unicode characters (e.g., Arabic or Chinese scripts or certain accented characters). Using these characters means that a single message must fit within 70 characters instead of 140.

Phone Call

  1. To add IVR content, navigate to the questionnaire and add your content.
  2. For each step, add the script and also upload an audio file or select text for speech (TTS), for English TTS functionality. Note: TTS is not available in languages other than English.
  3. To add an audio file:
    • Select "Upload a file".
    • Press "browse".
    • Choose a file.
    • Ensure it uploads successfully.  A good internet connection is helpful for this step.


You can store the content in different languages. When a secondary language is added to a Questionnaire, a "Language selection" step is created as an initial step.

  1. To add a translation to a step, navigate to the left pane of the questionnaire designer.
  2. Press "Add language".
  3. Select the language to upload or to enter translated text.
  4. The questionnaire will save automatically as long as you are connected to the internet.

You can also upload bulk translations via comma-separated values (CSV) files.

  1. To upload translations, navigate to the left-hand pane of the questionnaire designer.
  2. Add a secondary language.
  3. Press "Download contents as CSV".
  4. Add the translations to the file.
  5. Press "Upload contents as CSV".

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