In the overview section of a survey, a Cockpit is available to monitor the survey in real-time

It's divided into two sections

Success rate

Initial success rate: Is a variable that can be defined for each surveda instance. The exact value we are currently using is 0.28%. 

Actual success rate: Is calculated summing the respondents with Completed disposition plus  Partial, if "count partials as complete" is enabled in the survey settings over all the exhausted cases. 

Completed{+Partial} / Exhausted

Progress: Is the total progress of the survey over the Target 


Estimated success rate: Is an average rate between Actual success rate and Initial Success rate weighted by the survey progress. 

ActualSuccessRate*Progress + InitialSuccessRate*(1-Progress)

Queue size

Exhausted: Is the amount of cases that consumed all the tries.

Available: is the number of sample respondents that remains incomplete. It can be that they have received some contact attempts but not all of them yet or that they didn't receive any attempt yet.

TotalSample - Exhausted

Respondents needed: is the amount of sample respondents needed to complete target based on the remaining target by the estimated success rate

(1//EstimatedSuccessRate)*(Target - Completed{+Partial})

Additional respondents: In the case in which the available respondents is not enough to complete the target surveda will inform the number of additional respondents needed to complete the target.

RespondentNeeded - Available