This document lists the necessary steps to create and configure a survey. Once you complete these steps, you can run your survey. There are five core steps. Some steps (e.g., specify quotas) require other steps to be completed first (e.g., design a questionnaire).

The steps include: 

  1. Select a questionnaire

  2. Upload your respondents' list

  3. Select mode and channels

  4. Set up a schedule

  5. Set up cutoff rules

1. Select a Questionnaire

  • Select an existing questionnaire.  If no questionnaires exist or you need to create a new one, select “New Questionnaire”. 

  • To create a new questionnaire:

    • Select the type of modes you wish to support in the questionnaire (e.g., Short Message Service, Interactive Voice Response). 

    • For each step: Enter question text, response options, variable label.

    • Add translations.

    • Upload audio files.

    • Configure and check skip logic in the tool.

    • [For advanced users only] Check the “run a comparison” box to use two questionnaires in the same survey.

    • Test questionnaire via SMS and phone call by deploying a test survey and filling out the survey.

2. Select Mode and Channel

  • Select a survey mode: SMS or IVR and whether you want a fallback mode.

  • Select a channel for each mode that you have selected. 

    • If no channels are available, see [here - link] for more information on setting up channels.

  • [For advanced users only]  Check the “run a comparison” box to use two modes at the same time.

3. Upload Your Respondents List

  • Before you upload, check your sample file:

    • Remove duplicates.

    • Create separate files for each mobile network operator.

  • Upload a list of phone numbers.

  • Assign channels to each file.

4. Set up a Schedule

  • Select days of the week (e.g., Monday - Sunday).

  • Select desired time zone.

  • Specify the time range each day that surveys will go out (e.g., 5 pm to 8 pm).

  • Indicate the number of re-contact attempts and the time intervals between each attempt for each mode that you select (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Phone Re-Contact Attempts

5. Set up Cutoff Rules

  • Enter the cutoff rules: (1) number of successful interviews, (2) quotas for completes per question (e.g., gender, age group).

  • Specify whether you want the survey to stop after all or some of the rules are reached.

  • If quotas are selected:

    • Specify the variables (e.g., age) that define the quotas.

    • Specify the categories (e.g., 18-34, 35-49, 50 and over) for each variable.

    • Enter the number of completes for each quota group.

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